Studio Wildcard has announced that the highly anticipated sequel to Ark: Survival Evolved, Ark 2, will be delayed until late 2024. While a specific release date was never officially announced by the studio, fans were hoping for its release sometime this year. However, in a recent post on the game’s official site, Studio Wildcard explained that they have decided to delay the launch of Ark 2 until late 2024 due to several reasons.

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One of the primary reasons for delaying the game is due to complications with using Unreal Engine 5. Which did wonders in this fan made Grand Theft Auto 6 Video using UE5! As a relatively new engine in the gaming industry, it can present some challenges when developing games from scratch. Additionally, there are also some issues with Ark 2’s design itself that need further attention and polishing before releasing it into market.

In a recent statement, Studio Wildcard acknowledged that their upcoming game has undergone significant changes in design from its predecessor. While these changes are exciting for some players, they may not be as appealing to everyone. 

One of the most notable differences is the introduction of Souls-like combat mechanics, which will require players to approach battles with more strategy and precision than before. Additionally, primitive-only weaponry means that players will have to rely on their wits and resourcefulness rather than high-tech gear.

Perhaps most significantly, the studio has opted for strict third-person gameplay mechanics in this new game. This decision was made to create a more immersive experience for players by placing them directly into the action. However, it also contributes towards an overall “very serious” tone that may not appeal to those who prefer a more lighthearted gaming experience, but these Ark stickers might!

Despite these changes, Studio Wildcard remains committed to delivering an engaging and enjoyable game for all types of gamers. They are confident that fans of previous titles will appreciate the new direction while newcomers will find plenty to enjoy as well.

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