As the world of video games continues to evolve, it’s important to preserve the history and heritage of this beloved pastime. It’s always exciting when we stumble upon lost pieces of gaming history that were once thought gone forever. Recently, a 44-year-old game called Sonar was discovered in Jim Snyder’s collection. This game was developed by programmer Brad Stewart during his time at Atari back in the 70s.

Sonar The Lost Atari game

Sonar screen cap

Sonar is a highly sought-after Atari 2600 game that has been shrouded in mystery for decades. The game was never officially released and had seemingly vanished without a trace. However, recently there have been exciting developments regarding this elusive title. A user on the Atari Age forums claims to have obtained a prototype of Sonar from Snyder’s collection, which is nothing short of remarkable news for retro gaming enthusiasts.

It is interesting to note that Sonar was not the only unreleased Atari 2600 game that Stewart worked on; he also collaborated on Morse Code Tutor, another fascinating piece of video game history. It makes one wonder what other games were created during this era but never made it past the development stage.

The discovery of Sonar has sparked renewed interest in the world of classic gaming and has led many to speculate about its gameplay mechanics and potential storyline. There are high hopes that soon we will be able to experience this long-lost gem firsthand and finally add it to our collections as an essential piece of gaming history.

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