Introduction to OSRS Fishing

Fishing is a popular skill in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) that provides players with a relaxing and rewarding gameplay experience. Whether you are a seasoned angler or a beginner looking to dive into the world of fishing, this comprehensive OSRS Fishing guide is here to help you unlock the secrets of successful fishing in the Members World.

Fishing in OSRS allows players to catch a wide variety of fish, which can be cooked and consumed for sustenance or sold for profit. It is not only a great way to earn money but also a valuable skill that can be trained to higher levels for better rewards. With numerous fishing spots and techniques available, there is always something new to discover and master in the vast waters of the Members World.

Benefits of Fishing in the Members World

As a member of OSRS, you have access to a plethora of fishing locations and activities that are not available to free-to-play players. Fishing in the Members World offers several benefits, including a wider variety of fish to catch, higher experience rates, and more profitable fishing methods.

One of the main advantages of fishing in the Members World is the availability of rare and valuable fish species. From the exotic Monkfish to the elusive Dark Crabs, there is a wide range of fish that can only be caught in members-only areas. These unique fish can fetch high prices on the Grand Exchange, making them a lucrative choice for players looking to make money through fishing.

In addition to the increased profit potential, fishing in the Members World also provides faster experience rates compared to free-to-play fishing. Members have access to faster training methods and higher-level fishing spots, allowing them to level up their fishing skill more efficiently. This not only unlocks new fishing equipment and tools but also opens up opportunities for more challenging fishing quests and activities.

OSRS Fishing Equipment and Tools

To become a successful angler in OSRS, it is essential to have the right fishing equipment and tools at your disposal. The choice of fishing equipment depends on the type of fish you are targeting and the fishing method you intend to use.

Starting with the basic fishing equipment, a small fishing net is a versatile tool that can be used to catch a variety of fish, such as Shrimp and Anchovies. As you progress in your fishing journey, you can upgrade to more specialized equipment, such as fishing rods and bait for catching higher-level fish species like Trout and Salmon.

For more advanced fishing methods, you may need additional tools like harpoons for catching Tuna and Swordfish or lobster pots for trapping Lobsters. Each fishing tool has its own unique purpose and requirements, so it is important to familiarize yourself with the different options available and choose the ones that best suit your needs and fishing goals.

Fishing Locations in the Members World

The Members World of OSRS is teeming with a wide variety of fishing locations, each offering its own unique set of fish species and experience rates. From tranquil rivers to treacherous seas, there is a fishing spot for every angler’s preference and skill level.

One popular fishing location in the Members World is the Fishing Guild, located west of Hemenster. The Fishing Guild offers a range of fishing spots, including the famous Shark fishing spot that provides an excellent opportunity for players to catch and profit from this highly sought-after fish. The guild also offers various fishing-related services, such as a bank and a fishing shop, making it a convenient hub for anglers.

Another notable fishing location is the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, situated northwest of Tree Gnome Stronghold. This secluded colony offers access to unique fishing spots, such as the Monkfish fishing spot, where players can catch and cook Monkfish for profit and experience. The colony also houses a range of fishing-related activities, including a fish-filled aquarium and a heron pet that can be obtained through fishing.

These are just a few examples of the many fishing locations in the Members World. Exploring the vast waters of OSRS will uncover numerous hidden gems and fishing spots, each with its own rewards and challenges.

Fishing Techniques for Maximum Success

To maximize your success in fishing, it is important to employ the right techniques and strategies for each fishing method. Different fish species require different approaches, and understanding their behaviors and habits can greatly increase your chances of a successful catch.

For example, when using a fishing net to catch Shrimp and Anchovies, it is best to position yourself near a school of fish and cast your net when they are within range. Patience is key when using this method, as the fish may take some time to gather in large enough numbers for an efficient catch.

On the other hand, when using a fishing rod and bait to catch Trout and Salmon, it is important to pay attention to the speed at which the fish are biting. Adjusting your fishing spot and bait accordingly can help you optimize your catch rate and minimize wasted attempts.

For more advanced fishing methods like harpooning, timing and accuracy are crucial. Harpooning requires precise clicking and a good understanding of the fish’s movement patterns. By observing the fish’s behavior and anticipating its movements, you can increase your chances of a successful harpoon catch.

By mastering these fishing techniques and adapting them to different fish species and fishing methods, you can significantly improve your success rate and make the most of your fishing endeavors in the Members World.

OSRS Fishing Money Making Methods

Fishing in OSRS is not just a relaxing pastime; it can also be a profitable endeavor. With the right fishing methods and strategies, you can turn your fishing trips into a lucrative source of income.

One of the most popular money-making methods in OSRS fishing is catching and selling high-value fish on the Grand Exchange. Certain fish species, such as Sharks and Dark Crabs, can fetch high prices due to their high demand in the game. By focusing on catching these valuable fish and selling them on the Grand Exchange, you can earn a substantial amount of money.

Another profitable method is combining fishing with cooking. By catching fish and cooking them into finished food products, you can increase their value and sell them for even higher prices. This method requires a higher cooking skill level but can be highly rewarding in terms of profit.

Additionally, some fishing spots offer unique resources that can be collected and sold for profit. For example, the Fishing Trawler minigame allows players to catch a variety of fish while also obtaining valuable items like Raw Shark and Herbs. These resources can be sold on the Grand Exchange for a significant profit.

By exploring different fishing methods and keeping an eye on the market prices of various fish species and resources, you can find the most profitable fishing opportunities and make the most of your time spent fishing in the Members World.

Fastest Fishing XP Methods in OSRS

For players looking to level up their fishing skill as quickly as possible, there are several fast XP methods available in OSRS. These methods focus on maximizing experience rates and can be a great way to progress through the fishing skill efficiently.

One of the fastest fishing XP methods is Barbarian Fishing, which involves fishing at the Otto’s Grotto near the Barbarian Outpost. This method combines fishing with Agility and Strength training, allowing players to gain experience in multiple skills simultaneously. By using the Barbarian Fishing method, players can achieve some of the highest fishing XP rates in the game.

Another fast XP method is using the Harpoon fishing method to catch Tuna and Swordfish. This method requires a higher fishing level but provides faster XP rates compared to other fishing methods. By harpooning these high-level fish, players can quickly accumulate fishing XP and level up their skill.

Fly fishing for Trout and Salmon is another viable option for fast XP gains. This method involves using a fishing rod and feathers to catch these fish species, providing decent XP rates and a good source of raw materials for cooking.

By focusing on these fast XP methods and optimizing your fishing strategy for speed and efficiency, you can quickly level up your fishing skill and unlock higher-level fishing activities and rewards.

Training and Leveling up Fishing in OSRS

Training and leveling up your fishing skill in OSRS is a gradual process that requires time and dedication. As you progress through the skill, you will unlock new fishing methods, equipment, and fishing spots that offer higher XP rates and better rewards.

At lower levels, it is recommended to start with basic fishing methods like using a small fishing net or a fishing rod and bait. These methods allow you to catch low-level fish, such as Shrimp and Anchovies, which provide a decent amount of XP and a good starting point for leveling up your fishing skill.

As your fishing level increases, you can move on to more advanced fishing methods and fish species. Exploring new fishing locations and experimenting with different fishing techniques will not only provide higher XP rates but also introduce you to new and exciting aspects of the Members World.

Completing fishing quests can also be a rewarding way to level up your fishing skill. Quests like “Sea Slug” and “Swan Song” offer fishing XP rewards along with unique quest items and access to new fishing areas. These quests add an extra layer of immersion and story to your fishing journey, making it a more engaging and fulfilling experience.

By setting goals, consistently training your fishing skill, and exploring the various training methods and fishing spots available, you can steadily progress through the levels and become a master angler in OSRS.

Fishing Quests and Rewards

OSRS offers a variety of fishing quests that provide unique rewards and XP boosts. These quests not only enhance your fishing experience but also add depth and immersion to the game world.

One notable fishing quest is “Sea Slug,” which is available to both free-to-play and members. Completing this quest grants you fishing XP and access to a new fishing area, as well as the ability to use the “fishing apparatus” for catching Sea Slugs. This quest is a great starting point for beginner anglers looking to explore the world of fishing in OSRS.

Another fishing quest worth mentioning is “Swan Song,” available to members. This quest involves helping the Piscatoris Fishing Colony with their fishing-related problems and offers significant fishing XP rewards. Completing “Swan Song” also unlocks the ability to catch Monkfish, a highly profitable fish species.

These quests are just a taste of the many fishing-related quests available in OSRS. Each quest provides its own unique challenges, rewards, and storylines, making them a valuable addition to your fishing journey.


Fishing in the Members World of OSRS is a rewarding and immersive experience that offers a wide range of benefits and opportunities. From catching rare and valuable fish to training your fishing skill for higher XP rates, there is always something new to discover and achieve in the world of fishing.

By following the tips and strategies outlined in this OSRS Fishing guide, you can unlock the secrets of successful fishing and make the most of your time spent angling in the Members World. Whether you are looking to make money, level up your fishing skill, or simply enjoy a relaxing activity, fishing in OSRS has something for everyone.

So grab your fishing equipment, explore the vast fishing locations, and embark on your journey to become a master angler in the world of Old School RuneScape.

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